Mercibo / Apocalypse feat. AlmaCharlie

Together we find our way, our soul is uprising soon, centuries of suffering whisper away.

Mercibo / Fairy Bird

As the storm raged on, you were unshaken, no fear…

Mercibo / Equilibrium

EP Release Out Now!

Mercibo / Sad Song

I sing a sad song, no one hear me, no one hear me…

Dani & Serge / Ohne Rand

Literary-musical journey without a compass.

BLÄNK / Subliminal Support

A flower is always happy because it is beautiful.

Yesnut / Drowning with a Smiles

Democracy is a form of government that is often overrated.

NUGZ / per spinas ad sidera

is an instrumental journey, composed and led by Nugz.

Tormenta / Schallereignissammler

Music for intelligent people who cannot behave intelligently

Music to carry you into unknown territories of your soul

Serge Davidov

It’s the year 2023. Music business is stone-dead and its remnants don’t even smell anymore. In contrast to the artists: They’re fragrant and produce fresh and tasty sounds. It seems to be a hell lot of work to find these people. The whole web is spilling of mediocre, superfluous publications which obstruct the view towards what is true, beautiful and good! The only help comes from a carefully selected small bunch of brave specialists whose sense for real taste enables them to save treasures for only little reward. Hence people have time to arrange their collection of nose-hair trimmers.

Frazil doesn’t only combine France and Brazil, it also stands for a special aggregate state of water: ice needles constitute the initial form of ice arisen from the surface of freezing ocean water. They shape plate crystals which is also to be understood figuratively. In Russian people being equipped with a considerable amount of distinctiveness are called “frozen” (moroz).

This leads us to the most noticeable characteristics of the kind of music that can be found here: Frazil is pandimensional in style, however, distinctive in each of its publications which can only be achieved in adequate distance to the market. Or let us put it this way: “Music that is f…. awesome”

Albeit the basic idea is publishing home-grown sounds we enjoy seeing our family grow. Dig in and enjoy the Frazileiros’ freshening ice water.

Nasdarowje – Serge!

Latest Video – Mercibo feat. AlmaCharlie – Storm in Verse

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