Yesnut / Drowning with a Smile

Released: 01.09.2014
2014: Oceans of mediocre music garbage cover the Earth’s landmasses. The close-knit Yesnut team, all futuristic nostalgics, is looking for new territory beyond the slime… „Drowning with a smile“ is the band’s brilliant debut album, 99% recorded live by sound god Kilian Bühler.

The double bass player Janusz Leudemann practices songwriting on his ukulele as a fun exercise. He creates Rumbaswingska-like numbers, which usually don’t lack a certain basic paranoia. The great musicians Eva Gold (vocals), Christopher Radley (guitar) and Michael Erichsen (saxophone) transform the bumpy source material into crisp jewels in monumental arrangement discussions. Democracy is a form of government that is often overrated.

All songs were composed and produced by Janusz Leudemann

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  • 01 Drowning With a Smile
  • 02 Travelling in the Trunk of Your Car
  • 03 Side Fx
  • 04 Bloody Moon
  • 05 Devastating
  • 06 Dark Secret
  • 07 Repeat the Refrain
  • 08 Birds & Bees
  • 09 Jungle Fever
  • 10 Charly the Hawk

The band

  • Eva Gold · Voc.
  • Janusz Leudemann · Music · Lyrics · Bass
  • Michael Erichsen · Sax
  • Christopher Radley · Guitar
  • Oliver Möbius · Drums

Our very special thanks go out

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