Blänk / Subliminal Support

Released: 24.03.2014

Music from Subliminal Support is like breathing underwater, like slipping into melancholy, like floating in a vacuum, like night sweats, like memories of prenatal events, like the beauty of wilting flowers, like local anesthesia during a root canal treatment.

A dense atmosphere of abstract images, a contrasting program of gentle melodies and deconstructive arrangements. A river of dark, clear sound. Black as day and black as night.

All songs composed and produced by C. Jochen Helfert & Serge Davidov

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  1. When a Flower Speaks
  2. Black in the Colour of White
  3. Eq Vs Iq
  4. Now and Nothing Else
  5. Die Zeit
  6. Stars Are Your Destiny
  7. Reflection
  8. Freeze Free
  9. Evaluation Ends
  10. Beyond Our Language

Our very special thanks go out

  • Ingrid Sertso · Vocal · Lyric · Inspiration
  • Karl Berger · Add. Piano
  • Eva Gold · Live Vocal
  • Edo Davidov · Add. Beats
  • Janusz Leudemann · Upright Bass
  • Michael Becke · Trompet
  • Günther Sailer · Cello
  • Julia Borisova · Cover Foto

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