MERCIBO / Equilibrium

Released: 01.07.2021
Dear friends ! 🖐
We are delighted and very proud to announce that new EP “EQUILIBRIUM” has been released!
It is available on all music platforms to listen or download!

I would first like to thank Nugzar, for the opportunity he gave me to collaborate with him on these two titles, for his professionalism, his kindness, and his wise advice. I also thank him for his trust and the freedom of action he gave me in writing the texts and producing the video clips. Equilibrium addresses the point of balance between human feelings, and Obscured By Mindness, that between humans and our mother earth. These titles are dedicated for my part, to all my family and my friends, living or dead, everyone will recognize themselves, and will recognize them. I also thank my beloved wife, for her support and patience, (music is time-consuming) the hope of leaving a liveable world for our children and grandchildren. Peace and love to all.
Bruno Carray


  1. Equilibrium
  2. Obscured by Mindness

Download: AppleMusic · Amazon · Spotify

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