Tormenta / Schallereignissammler

Released: 05.05.2014
Three men in underpants. Roaring heat in the attic of an old American barracks. Their mission: to collect all possible and impossible sounds to create music for intelligent people who cannot behave intelligently. It worked.

Zooooooooooommmmm….back to the summer twenty years ago.

Sergeant Serge, Jefreiter Edi and Prince Nuschkin have set up their studio quarters on the horse pasture (former cavalry motel) of the former Augsburg Reese barracks.

In humid, humid heat, the men in underpants work on the debut album of their formation Tormenta, a masterpiece called “SchallEventsammler” that completely overwhelms the planet and is definitely massively premature. Her piece “Flüchtling” was created with its polar atmosphere as a refreshing balance to the sweaty climate. The equipment they work with today would bring bitter tears of despair to the eyes of any vintage connoisseur: Nuschkin strums the chords of the piece on a cheap black Takamine western guitar, Serge tries out the phrases with the hardware treasure Yamaha A3000 that the entire crew has I’ve been excited about the three-channel effect madness all summer long. Jefreiter Edi creates the beats from handmade samples with Akai’s good old MPC 2000. Nuschkin contributes the bass grooves on a chic, blonde Warwick Streamer, which, funnily enough, he received as a gift. Serge adds nasty white noise and shattering synth ice with the Korg Poly 61, which for completely inexplicable reasons never became a real cult instrument. The vocals of the manic chain smoker Nuschkin were recorded with a BMP condenser microphone and then cut into pieces again in the sampler.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But that’s how you did it.

All songs composed and produced by Janusz Leudemann, Edo & Serge Davidov

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  1. PVC
  2. Der Einzige
  3. Flüchtling
  4. Regenwarscheinlickeit
  5. Gehirn
  6. Strichnin
  7. Elefant
  8. 3 x Täglich
  9. Der Tot und die Tote
  10. Nylons
  11. 40 Tonnen
  12. Diavolo
  13. Xana
  14. Das
  15. Vlad Z Regen Remix
  16. Wirklich

Our very special thanks go to:

  • Franz Mense · Sax
  • Martin Kraemer · Piano
  • Vlad Zhukov · Remix

Exklusive Album-Preview!

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