Dani & Serge / Ohne Rand

Released: 10.04.2015

“Ohne Rand” (German for without edge) is a reference to the old as well as the new program of Dani & Serge. It consists basically of classic singer-songwriter tracks: the poetic texts written and sung by Daniela Nering in a sensitive and clear way are heart and soul with Serge Davidov’s guitar play.

Nevertheless, both don’t feel obliged to musical stereotypes, they play instead with limits in genre as well as influences and elements of pop, poetry and chanson. During the recordings potential limitations/edges have again be exceeded: With the help of befriended musicians of our cultural network captivating arrangements were created emphasizing the natural character of our songs. They enlarge the lingual metaphors and melodies weaving a carpet of atmosphere, melancholy, easiness and density, switching from Gipsy to Jazz, from Electro to Indie and back.

All songs composed, arranged and produced by Daniela Nering & Serge Davidov


  1. Turtur Blues
  2. Flüchtige Erscheinung
  3. Kleinstadtpirat
  4. Tieflage
  5. Ohne Rand
  6. Goldene Karaoke
  7. Baltische Waltzer
  8. Der einzige Grund
  9. Der Weg nach oben
  10. Romanze
  11. Von A nach B
  12. Wenn die Nacht vom Himmel fällt

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