Bazar / Augsburg, Germany

BAZAR consisted of Serge Davidov (New Discipline, Blänk, Dani & Serge) and Micha Götz and works with Januzs Leudemann (Yesnut, Tormenta) and Eduard Davidov (New Discipline, Blänk)

Micha wrote the lyrics – Serge wrote the music. The musical Aesthetics is characterized by the search for the new and individual Sound. Insider info… Some songs are based on Serge’s dreams.

Janusz Leudemann (bass) and Eduard Davidov (drum programming) completed the album “Selves” into a successful overall work.

BAZAR was founded after a few live performances in which different Musicians took part, and a few exciting attempts Finding a suitable label puts you to rest.
The music scene wasn’t ready yet. 😉

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