Blänk / Augsburg, Germany

BLÄNK is a project that has undergone an interesting development. From an experimentally dense atmosphere of abstract images, a contrasting program of soft melodies and deconstructive arrangements, a rocky note gradually emerged that does not require a guitar sound.

An experimental computer-aided quartet (later quintet) with two electric pianos, some notebooks, the classic one Drums and a magical voice.

BLÄNK People

Composer/Producer/Remixer Jochen Helfert, DE
The founder of the highly acclaimed duo Les Gammas/Compost Records had the idea for BLÄNK/Subliminal Support Album at the beginning of 2002. The musical direction was set. Les Gammas released „Excercises De Styles“ in 2000 on Compost Records and toured as Les Gammas Live! at numerous festivals and clubs throughout Europe (including Jazzcafé, London; Fabric, London; Big Chill Festival, UK; Fusion Festival, Moscow; Jazz Festival, Oslo; Elektronikaldia, San Sebastian; Vega, Copenhagen; Drum Rhythm, Amsterdam etc.) . Numerous remixes for compilations and artists in the Nujazz area.
He got together with the Davidovs in 2002.

Sound designer/multi-instrumentalist/producer Serge Davidov, GE / DE
has already played musically at many weddings. He was a co-founder of the famous Georgian band “New Discipline” (New Wave/Rock/Electronica) and produced for “Tormenta” and “Bazar”. His fantastic musicality took the Subliminal Support ideas to the next level.

Drummer Edo Davidov, GE / DE
is the third component in the BLÄNK Trio. He is the mastermind behind BLÄNK’s visual appearance.
Like his brother Serge, his roots lie in Tbilisi, Georgia. He was also a member of “New Discipline”, “Tormenta” and “Bazar”. He was also responsible for some of the programmed beats on the album.

Singer Ingrid Sertso, Woodstock, NY
She is the former singer of Don Cherry! Co-founder of the Spoken Word Group. She gives the last rites to the album with her incredible and electrifying voice. Your career reads like a book. Since the ’60s, she has led her own trios with greats such as Eric Dolphy, Don Cherry, Steve Lacy, Karl Berger, Leo Wright, Lee Konitz, Sam Rivers, Jimmy Giuvre, Bob Moses, Dave Holland, Perry Robinson and Jumma Santos. In 1990, she made her comeback to mainstream jazz with her well-received rendition of “Until the Rain Comes” on Don Cherry’s Mulit-Kulti album. Her regular poetry performances at the Tinker Street Cafe in Woodstock and the Knitting Factory in New York have cult status. She also plays annual concerts along the American Northeast coast and in Europe.

Free Jazz Legend Karl Berger, Woodstock, NY
hits the right notes on the Subliminal Support album and is responsible for which notes were not played. His ideas breathed life into the album. In 1971 he founded the Creative Music Studio in Woodstock with Ornette Coleman and Ingrid Sertso, wrote string arrangements for Jeff Buckley’s unforgettable album „Grace“, worked with Bill Laswell, The Cardigans, Bootsie Colllins, Sly & Robbie, to name a few, and jazz greats like Don Cherry, Lee Konitz, John McLaughlin, Dave Brubeck, Dave Holland, Pharoah Sanders and Hozan Yamamoto. Karl Berger is a six-time winner of the Downbeat Critics Poll as a jazz soloist and winner of numerous composition awards.

Singer/speaker Eva Gold, DE
Chanteuse extraordinaire, who literally gilds numerous bands and projects (Misuk, Bl“nk, Tormenta and many more) with her extraordinary voice. Eva slips into the core of a song and selflessly mutates into the lyrical self. And with what a gold throat…
„My dear Eva Gold! Wow or rather wow, wow!!! That’s a really nice voice.“ (Achim Bogdahn, ignition radio)

Bassist Janusz Leudemann, DE
came into the project to support BLÄNK’s live performances in their depth. His extraordinary way of breathing life into instruments inspired the stage performance. In several incarnations (mostly as a mastermind) he realized himself in very different bands and projects (DJ-Blasters, Bazar, Tormenta and many more). His own songs are characterized by a unique variety – he plays his lyrics like an instrument. The overall composition develops a new language.

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