Tormenta / Sei ein braver Hai – Friss deinen Haferbrei!

Released: 16.10.2015
„Sei ein braver Hai, Friss Deinen Haferbrei“ is the second album by the manically loud formation Tormenta. Prinz Nuschkin uses the record not only as a platform for his trembling rhymes, but also as proof that incredibly diverse albums not only confuse the listener, but usually also their own creator.

With his usual superpowers, with the help of gifted guest musicians, he creates fidgeting beats, smooth basslines and bizarre sound salads that consistently defy commercialism: The Davidov brothers (Serge and Edo, Tormentans from the very beginning) control brilliant loops and delicate productions (standby mode). , heaven forbid), Eva Gold silvers several numbers with her monster organ (Forest of Marzipan, Burn My Head Sunshine) and the usual suspects Fum (Christopher) Radley, Kilian Bühler and Martin Krämer catapult pieces into musical orbit with their genius instrumental activities Crazy (guitar, drums, piano upside down or zombie).

Guaranteed gluten free, so give it a try!!!

All songs were composed and produced by Janusz Leudemann

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  1. Abgrund
  2. Wald aus Marzipan
  3. Ein Tier
  4. Katzenaugen
  5. Standbybetrieb
  6. Himmel für Alle
  7. Hammerhaimann
  8. Frei
  9. Unsichtbarer Mann
  10. Mein Geschöpf
  11. Verbrenn meinen Kopf Sonnenschein
  12. Zombie
  13. Im Irrenhaus
  14. Kopf ab
  15. Tot
  16. Braver Hai

Total playing time: 1:01:19

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