Nugz / Paris, France

Georgian-born Nugz Phantsulaya now lives in Paris. As a co-founder of the legendary band New Discipline, he came to Germany via Russia in 1992. He became known in the Russian rock scene with his band ILI.

He is currently a member of the bands Mokroie, eXtatiX and releases his first solo guitar EP. He has also already contributed his guitar sounds to the legend VOX Populi.

What sets Nugz Phantsulaya apart is not just his sound experiments, the Per spinas ad sidera
can be heard in an impressive way, but also the instruments, with whom he recorded the album. He doesn’t just play guitars, he builds them you too. Every instrument from the well-known guitar building duo NugzBlacky is unique – there is life, love and a lot of passion in it. You can hear that!

Photo © Gilles Vidal

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