Mercibo / The Spirit of the Avalanche

Released: 08.09.2020
It is with great emotion that we finally let the stories that were secretly flooding into our hearts wash up on your shores. The isolation to which our bodies have been forced over the last few months has allowed us to prepare a parenthesis which opens today with you.
Behind false airs of amorous lament, the Avalanche whispers to us the misfortune of a human creature, buried under the decaying fruits of its decadent ambition. From a deadly space race (Your Bones on Mars), through an open tomb on the roof of the world (The Rainbow Scar), to the unfortunate adventure of young ghost girls (My Radium Girl).. .
In the interval of this breathing, we hope that you will be sensitive to its muffled murmurs, and that you will not let yourself be lulled to sleep by the apparent sweetness of its distant echoes.
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With all our love,
Kyrieh and Nugzar
“In an avalanche, no snowflake ever feels responsible.”
-Stanislaw Jerzy Lec-


  1. Your Bones on Mars
  2. A Sad Song
  3. The Rainbow Scar
  4. Kids Fear the Scarecrow
  5. Halo – Follow the Light
  6. Heartquake – Right Ventricle
  7. I Know You
  8. My Radium Girl
  9. Late Love Letter
  10. The Spirit of the Avalanche
  11. Halo – The Light Is a Lie

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